Michael Szabo

aerialAstronomer, Thief of Space



MGT: 10 (0)
ACU: 18 (
IMG: 16 (3)
PUL: 12 (

HP: 22 (+3)
AC: 17 (Uses light armor)
FOR: 11
REF: 16
WIL: 12
Speed: 7
Initiative: 5
Resistance: 0
Hand: 1 (1)


Kind Abstratus: WHIPKIND
Category: Finesse
Range: 1
Precision: +3
Damage: 2d4/2d6
Stat: Acu
Auto-Parry?: No


Acrobatics: +0
Athletics: +0
Chumming: +0
Insight: +0
Mysteries: +4
Perception: +4
Science: +0
Skaian Lore: +1
Stealth: +4
Trolling: +0


Show You My Stabs (Level 2): The target takes an additional 1d12 + your level damage. (Grave Blunder: You take 1d12 + your level damage. Ouch.)

Spacial Dislocation (Level 6): The attack deals 1d10 extra damage, and you can teleport the target 5 spaces into an unoccupied space (you may not teleport them into a hazard or over an empty space). (Grave Blunder: You take 1d10 damage, and your target teleports you 5 spaces with the same restrictions.)


Artful Dodge: Gain a +1 bonus to your Reflex and +1 Speed.
All of the Skills…!: You gain a +2 bonus on the roll to confirm a Brutal Affront or Positive Complication whenever your original roll would have hit the target or succeeded.
Translocation (Level 4): When you shift as a Move action during your turn, you may end your movement in another creature’s space. If you do so with a Medium or smaller being, they are immediately teleported into the space you just left. With a Large or larger creature, slide it one square in a direction of your choosing, so long as it provides an empty space for you to occupy.
Existential Stability (Level 4): Whenever you are hit by a power that would slide or teleport you against your will, you may choose to make a saving throw. If the saving throw succeeds you are not effected by the slide or teleport.


Manipul8 (Level 3):
Free Action – Encounter
Personal, Communication
Trigger: You fail a skill roll or miss with an attack
Effect: One ally you can communicate with may immediately make a melee basic attack or attempt a skill roll as a free action with a +1 power bonus to the attack roll or skill.

Twist The Fabric (Level 7):
Minor Action – Recharge
Effect: You may teleport up to 6 spaces and gain another Standard action in this turn. Until the end of your next turn you may teleport 1 space as a Free action whenever an enemy enters a space adjacent to you.


Pounce de Leon:
Standard Action – At-Will
Melee- or Ranged-kind
Target: One Creature
Effect: Before the attack, you may shift 1 space.
Attack: Acu + your level + weapon precision vs. AC
Hit: 1[W] damage, and the target grants combat advantage to you until the end of your next turn.

Scorpionʼs Strike:
Minor action – At-will
Melee- or Ranged-kind
Special: You may only use this power once per turn.
Target: One creature
Attack: Acu + your level + weapon precision vs. AC
Effect: If you have moved more then 5 spaces from your starting position before making this attack this turn, you may target Reflex rather then AC with this attack.
Hit: 1[W] damage.
Miss: Your turn ends immediately, and you may not use this power again until after your next turn ends.



- Your statistics are the baseline for the Homestuck RPG and this template grants no particular major changes to your abilities.
- Choose one skill of your choice at character creation. You gain a +1 bonus to that skill.

Lucid Dreamself:
- Once per encounter, you may re-roll a failed Mystery or Skaian Lore check. If you do so and still fail, you fall asleep immediately and may no longer act in the encounter for 1d8 minutes.
- Your dreamself is awake, which may entail many other story effects.


Competent – You have pinpoint control of your cursor and use it to effectively jab and harm enemies whose guard is down. Any ally adjacent to your cursor or flanking with it gains a bonus to damage rolls equal to your level + 1. You gain the Sharp Retort power.

Sharp Retort:
Opportunity action – At-will
Melee 1
Trigger: An enemy leaves a space adjacent to your cursor without shifting.
Target: The triggering enemy
Attack: Your highest ability score + your level vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d12 + your level damage.


Full Name: Michael Anthony Szabo
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Chumhandle: aerialAstronomer (cerulean color)
Quirk: Perfect syntax
Title: Thief of Space
Level: 1
Boondollars: 0
Species: Human
Templates: Lucid Dreamself
Dreamer Type: Prospit

Your name is MICHAEL. You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for ART and MUSIC, particularly ELECTRONIC MUSIC, which you sometimes make on your computer. You are an aspiring PAINTER. You enjoy playing VIDEO GAMES even though you’re NOT VERY GOOD AT THEM. You have a fondness for SCIENCE, and sometimes dabble in ASTRONOMY. You have a profound zeal for collecting UNUSUAL OBJECTS, often forming large piles out of them. You also like to rave about BANDS NO ONE’S EVER HEARD OF BUT YOU. In fact, you like to rave about just about ANYTHING NO ONE HAS HEARD OF, including games, movies, shows, and activities. Hipster.

What will you do?

Michael Szabo

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